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Well, don't got any sun this summer, eccept for my holiday in bulgaria :) 
Need to go to warm places when you living in this mess of clouds, rain and 

So who are you, what you working with?

Cheers, Tobias

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On 17/08/07, Tobias Axelsson <tobias.axelsson at> wrote:
> Hi
> I have now in 3 years running mailscanner/mailwatch on Suse linux 
> enterprise
> server 9 on three servers almost without problem.
> Now we need more performance and gonna replace them with three new
> bladeservers 2x4quadcore/6GB ram and no disk.
> Becourse of the blade-structure, I gonna need to san-boot them, (the
> systemdisk is a SAN-disk) and therefor it requires SuSE linux enterprise 
> 10.
> Do someone have good experience with SLES10? A lot is changed...

Tjena Tobias,

I have no real experience, but there have been several indications on
the list that the latest and greatest MailScanner works OK on that

> Thanks, Tobias
> Sweden
How is Växjö? I hear from my kids (visiting the in-laws) that the
weather finally has turned into something resembling summer...:-)

-- Glenn
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