mailscanner as a front-end, help!

Ken A ka at
Mon Aug 27 16:07:14 IST 2007

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 27/08/07, Jeff A. Earickson <jaearick at> wrote:
>> Gang,
>> I slid my legacy MailScanner system back in front of my email
>> appliance this morning to block spam.  I've got a problem with
>> non-existent/dictionary attack addresses now.  They get sent
>> on to the appliance, who doesn't know the address, thence back
>> to the front-end, unroutable -- mail loop, too many hops.
>> I need MailScanner/sendmail to kill non-existent addresses up
>> front.  I found milter-ahead (costs euros).  Any other ideas?
>> Virtusertables, like
>> My setup: sendmail 8.14.1, MailScanner 4.62.9, SA and the other
>> anti-spam additions.  sendmail running as "define(`MAIL_HUB'"
>> setting to pass all (non-spam) email on to the appliance for
>> local delivery.
>> Jeff Earickson
>> Colby College
> smf-sav can do this, I gather... But depending on how tyhings are set,
> it might not help (if the appliance doesn't correctly reject the
> non-existant recipients...).
> Cheers

In the past, I used a script to generate a sendmail access list to do 
this, with To:user at domain RELAY and a default TO:domain Err..'no such 
user' at the bottom. That was replaced a while ago with smf-sav. Both 
methods work well.

Ken Anderson

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