how to install updated SA+clamAV

mailadmin at mailadmin at
Mon Aug 27 16:02:15 IST 2007

Dear All,

I have a recently installed the following on Centos 5  as per the install


n its been workin perfectly fine

the clamAV 0.91.1 is already outdated and since some bugs were reported in
the ClamAV 0.91.2 i jus waited.

now i see on mailscanner site the updated Clam-0.91.2-SA-3.2.3 jules script

1) now since its on mailscanner site obviously its perfectly OK to upgrade
ClamAV to 0.91.2

2) how cd i update my clamav to 0.91.2
as when i installed it before i installed clamav, clamdb & clamd from
dagwiers rpm site as i wanted clamd support for mailscanner and only
installed SA running the script from Clam-0.91.1-SA-3.2.3 easy
installtion package

apprecite your help



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