How can MailScanner "push back"?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Aug 23 23:38:35 IST 2007

Steve Freegard spake the following on 8/23/2007 1:12 PM:
> Hi Leland,
> Leland J. Steinke wrote:
>> Michael Huntley wrote:
>>> Greylisting stopped a terrible mail storm on our system. 
>> We've been using sqlgrey for almost 18 months now.  The spammers have 
>> adapted.
> We've got a modified greylisting implementation in our BarricadeMX 
> product which is very different to SQLgrey and has so far proven 100% 
> effective against the botnet spam that passes traditional greylistng (no 
> extra drawbacks from normal greylisting except for more bandwidth being 
> used).  Ping me off-list if you would like to try a demo of it.
>> Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>>  > Considering blocking DSL, cable and other 'user' IP ranges. There are
>>  > some RBL's focussing on these ranges. It should give you some air.
>> We use PSBL and DSBL, in addition to our own RBL.  We are an ISP, so I 
>> am loath to use RBLs such as PBL to reject connections, instead using 
>> them in SA to jack up spam scores.
> I like the DSBL a lot - but you should probably consider adding 
> as it will catch a *lot* of extra stuff missed by your 
> existing two.
> Instead of using the PBL you could use and bypass 
> any of your own dial-up/DSL ranges.
Before you use you should read this;
It's been more than 6 months since NJABL maintenance of dynablock was 
terminated and dynablock became a copy of the Spamhaus PBL. The dynablock zone 
will be emptied sometime soon and the zone will be shut 
down. If you're still using, it's long past time to switch 


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