Tiled gif spam

Chris Burton Chris at 7of9b.org
Thu Aug 23 16:29:10 IST 2007

> Can you post the image up somewhere then we can take a look.

I'd guess they've already been posted to the list from the report below... 
but yes a sample to download would be a lot easier to work with :)

Sender: mailscanner-bounces at lists.mailscanner.info
Subject: Tiled gif spam
    Report: ClamAV: ORz5rrgzMj.gif contains MSRBL-Images/0-0-wgr6
    Report: ClamAV: BAizt9ewri.gif contains MSRBL-Images/0-0-wgr3
    Report: ClamAV: cZpjPKTOG9.gif contains MSRBL-Images/0-0-wgr5
    Report: ClamAV: ZGXEPOSRrd.gif contains MSRBL-Images/0-0-wgr4


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