Tiled gif spam

Andrew MacLachlan andy.mac at global-domination.org
Thu Aug 23 16:28:44 IST 2007

> > Why don't you use ImageInfo? Or do you do that and it didn't trigger
> > even one little rule? If so... Strange...
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> Glenn,
> Just installed it and fed it the email and... nothing...  I ran SA in
> debug and saw it there, but no scoring...
> How can I tell it to look for n side-by-side gifs?  I didn't see
> anything about side-by-side images, just the total amount of images,
> which could trigger on many FP...
> Thanks!
> Denis

Same response here, although DCC got it this time and pushed the score
through the spam threshold...

I've disabled SqlGrey and the RBLs in PF so MS gets more (some) spam so
I can test this new build. Working really well with the new MS/SA/clamd

If the RBLs and postgrey were enabled I doubt that the message would
have made it through to MS/SA or if it did, it would be delayed so that
dcc etc would have time to catch it.


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