Tiled gif spam

Andrew MacLachlan andy.mac at global-domination.org
Thu Aug 23 14:21:31 IST 2007

Sorry - this is the analysis from Mailwatch:

Spam Report:	
Score	Matching Rule 
4	required	 

As you can see, it was almost trapped. Of course I could always up the
scores for SARE_GIF_ATTACH and HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16, but I think an
additional rule for side-by-side gifs might be a better approach? I'm
not sure what the best score might be for such a rule - but something
around the 1.0 mark would probably be appropriate.


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> I just forwarded this from my Yahoo acct through my MailScanner with
> FuzzyOcr and it sailed straight through... I'm not sure what my MTA
> level checks would have made of the original message though.
> Does anyone have any special tricks or rules to combat these messages?
> I'm running the latest everything on Centos 4.5
> -Andy
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