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 > No I was thinking you might have to have two copies of 
 > clamav installed
 > with one of them compiled to store its signatures in a different
 > location.
 > You could symlink the main signatures so both installs can 
 > see them and
 > mailscanners update works correctly. You could have mailscanner use
 > clamavmodule as it will have most issues with paths etc...
 > You could have clamd started from the 2nd copy which can also see the
 > sanesecurity signatures. The spamassassin plugin looks like it uses a
 > tcpip socket to clamd so it should not be too bad keeping them both
 > separate.


You only need one clamav installation, you need to setup a special clam
database (example: /opt/clamdSane) directory with symlinks to the db files
you want to use with in the special clam db dir.

MSRBL-Images.hdb -> /usr/local/share/clamav/MSRBL-Images.hdb
MSRBL-SPAM.ndb -> /usr/local/share/clamav/MSRBL-SPAM.ndb
phish.ndb -> /usr/local/share/clamav/phish.ndb
scam.ndb -> /usr/local/share/clamav/scam.ndb

Next create a new clamd.conf line clamdSane.conf and change the
DatabaseDirectory, TCPSocket (say 3311), and PidFile settings to something
other than the default like

DatabaseDirectory /opt/SaneDataBase
TCPSocket 3311
PidFile /var/run/

Start your second daemon : clamd --config-file=/path/clamdSane.conf

And change this line in (the plugin)

my $clamav = new File::Scan::ClamAV(port => 3310);


my $clamav = new File::Scan::ClamAV(port => 3311);

Now clamd should only see the SaneSecurity sigs when processed via the
SpamAssassin ClamAV plugin

Set your rules as desired


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