Heads up for spamhaus.org problems

Alisdair Davey ard at pergamentum.com
Mon Aug 20 23:07:33 IST 2007

> > I'd be shocked if 2,000 messages per day counts as high volume.  That's 20
> > emails per person per day.
> >From my experience when we moved over to MailScanner we did it gradually and
> on the 3rd day we were processing about 2000-2500 messages per day. On day 4
> the Spamhaus DNSBLs stopped matching and never worked from that point
> onwards. So I would not be surprised if others got blocked for 2000 messages
> per day.

I did a quick count through my log file for today - for 852 delivered
messages I rejected 12716 with Spamhaus DNSBLs. That's almost 15:1...

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