SA 3.2.3 bug/ or not bug 5557

Raymond H Thrush II rthrush at
Fri Aug 17 17:21:37 IST 2007

For the past several weeks now I have been having problems with my SA 
temp files.
I have them mounted as tmpfs  /raid/spool/MailScanner/incoming they are 
not being cleaned up properly.
the usage grows until it fills memory and causes services to start failing.

I found this 
and I was wondering If any of you had anything to input on this issue.  
I am running centos 4 with all the latest MS/SA/clamd.  It is happening 
on all of my gateway servers, running 6 all tied together for config's 
via an nfs server.

I can cron it to clean up the temp directory, but that is not really a 
fix more of a temp solution.

Raymond H Thrush II
Winbeam, Inc.

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