Outbound queue delivery

Gottschalk, David dgottsc at emory.edu
Fri Aug 17 15:17:02 IST 2007

It's set to batch.

David Gottschalk

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In MailScanner.conf, what is "Delivery Method" set to? It should always
be "batch".

Gottschalk, David wrote:
> Over the last few days, I've been building a mail relay on Solaris
> using sendmail. The box is also running the latest version of
> MailScanner, so mail can get checked before going out.
> I edited the sendmail startup script, and added MailScanner and a
> sendmail queue runner. I've ran into something strange though now, and
> I've got a few questions.
> Mail was sitting in outbound queue for a long period of time after
> being processed by MailScanner. I had set the queue runner to process
> mail every 15 minutes, so that's understandable.
> I set the queue to run peristantly with the "-qp" option, and mail now
> gets delivered immediately after scanning.
> I thought though that MailScanner kicked off a sendmail process to
> deliver the message immediately after scanning. Is that a incorrect
> assumption?
> I have five main production boxes that deliver mail on average 10
> seconds or less after MailScanner finishes scanning them, and they
> have a sendmail queue runner at running every 15 mins. They have a
> large volume of mail going through them though.
> So could someone explain this to me?
> Thanks.
> David Gottschalk


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