Problme with some mails - (no null-header or sender address)

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If you are going to use "Check Watermarks With No Sender" then you should probably make it a rule and add your trusted exceptions.  Your ticket system is using the null address but doesn't have a watermark which means it wasn't processed locally by your MailScanner server.

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I recently noticed, that all notifications from our trouble ticket serevr to me are marked as spam.

I can't remember what I may have changed, but AFAIK I did only the regular updates to mailscanner.

The header got this information:

X-Mailscanner-SpamCheck: (no null-header or sender address)

What may be the problem, or which information are needed to help/troubleshoot?

Redhat EL 5 - 2.6.18-8.1.6.el5

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