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Wed Aug 15 09:44:30 IST 2007

On 14/08/07, James D. Parra <Jamesp at> wrote:
> Hi!
> > Recently, it seems, we are getting inundated with mail going to bogus
> > addresses for our domain from bogus senders. Running MailScanner with
> > postfix and SpamAssassin. Is there something I can do with Postfix to stop
> > all of the garbage from being processed by MailScanner? I'd love to ban
> this
> > stuff before it even hits the server.
> >
> > Many thanks in advance.
> Then configure your mailserver to not accept them in the first place,
> remove catchall's and so...
> ~~~~
> I want to, but I am not sure how. What is the best way do this with Postfix
> on Suse?
> Thank you,
> ~James

You basically have two options:
1) Do as Gareth suggests and use the recipient address verification as
described (very well) in that link...
2) Use your *_recipient_maps (depends on your setup... if you are a GW
that relay everything, if you do local delivery ... which map to use.
I relay everything from the outside on in, so I use the
relay_recipient_maps thing), build a simple file where you list
something like "address1 at 1" on each line, postmap that ...
and you're good to go. There is an administrative overhead here, but
... scripting and cron are (as always:) your firends...;-)

For another take on all this, you might want to look at the MS wiki

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