rule against this?

Jan Agermose ja at
Tue Aug 14 19:00:45 IST 2007


We are getting really really many emails that look like this the last 48
hours or so:

T+h+i-s Tu_esday i-t-s CYTV!!*! 
G+e.t on C*Y_T,V Firs t T+hing on TU-ES_DAY, i t'''s goi+ng to e_xpload!

Compan *y: C_HINA YOUT*V C'O'R.P ( O,T'C BB:CYTV..O'B) 
Symb'ol:  C,Y+T*V
Curr-ent Price.: $_0+.,4-6 
Mond ay M_ove: (+U.p Over(12'.2*0%) 
T*h,e pric'e is at a minim*um it w.i l'l b-o*o_m on Tues'day! 
Re'com,mendation: "S'TRONG-B+UY" star+tin.g on T+uesday*, AUGU+ST 1+4,,
2 0_0*6'. 

The above is only a part of the mail and it seams non of the mails are
so much alike that they are marked as spam by the bayes system. I've
tried to feed a few 100 of them but for every one of them SA Learn says
"learned tokens from 1 message" (so I guess its not seen before?) and
also it does not seam to have any effect on the ability to block new

Anyway - I was thinking that maybe someone had written a rule to block
mails like this? 

Best regards

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