Off topic - AntiVirus accuracy competition

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at
Tue Aug 14 17:13:01 IST 2007

This is definitely off topic but I know that many of you will be interested
in the results since which virus scanners to buy is an often discussed topic
here. A quote from the article in the link below will explain.

"A rare AntiVirus accuracy competition was conducted at Linuxworld this
week, and the results should come as a blow to the paid antivirus industry.
Run by delegates from the untangle network gateway, the competition should
provide ammunition to critics of the idea that good virus protection cannot
be provided for nothing. . . ." 

And the results:

1. Kaspersky (97.1%)
2. ClamAV (91.4%)
3. Norton (88.6%)
4. F-Prot (85.7%), and
4. Sophos (85.7%)
6. McAfee (74.3%)
7. SonicWall (54.3%)
8. GlobalHauri (45.7%), and
8. Fortinet (45.7%)
10. Watchguard (2.9%)

I hope none of you are using 6. or below.


Steve Swaney
steve at 

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