Dumb Bayes question

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I run spamassassin on my home system which is very low usage and bayes is
working very well.
In fact I would say that bayes works better on small systems for a couple of

1) Bayes works best when it learns your individual mails. For companies
which deal with lots of different topics and areas bayes has to learn a lot
of tokens as being ham. For home servers and small organisations they
receive a far small variety of ham messages so bayes can work better.

2) The default bayes database size is geared towards the smaller user. In my
company if I used the default bayes size (which a lot of people probably do)
the oldest token age would be about 2 days which is far too short for it to
be very effective.
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  Hi all.  I've been running MailScanner for a while now my home server (4
users) and 2 small non-profit organizations, both around 10 users each.
  It seems to me I read a while ago, that Bayes isn't too effective on
low-volume servers due to it not seeing many messages.  Of course I can't
seem to find where I read that now.

  If I use a "starter" database, and occasionally feed it any false
positive/negative messages, is Bayes worth using for very small sites?


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