Sendmail help ?? Please.

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Aug 10 22:42:32 IST 2007

Andrews Carl 455 spake the following on 8/9/2007 10:11 PM:
> Sorry, I did not realize that would make a difference. I opened a message to the newsgroup, clicked reply and deleted the message body and the subject ( I promise not to do this again and appologize to whomever I stepped on it was completely unintentional) . I know I am showing my ignorance, but I do not understand how I offened. I use microsoft outlook as an email client, do other clients behave differently because of information contained within the headers? I am not trying to be dense, in my client this appears as a separate thread.
> Thanks again,
> Carl
It is not technically an offense, but many of us have busy day jobs, and help
here to contribute back to the community and maybe give Julian more time to
write those killer new features ;-). Time is usually short, and there is only
so much time in the day.
With threading, you can watch as threads get added and follow a subject
easily, and when a thread turns into a virtual fistfight or an off-topic mess,
you can just ignore the rest of the thread and get back to the PHB's tasks.
Otherwise, you get too busy wading through the stuff that either doesn't need
comment, or you start getting drawn into Postfix VS sendmail discussions.


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