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Thu Aug 9 13:05:04 IST 2007

Daniel Eiland wrote on Thu, 9 Aug 2007 12:30:02 +0200:

> describe MCP_W32_ZHELATIN_GEN

1. your rules all have the same name, only the first (I think) will get 
used. You could condense them, anyway, to something like /received a.*card 
from a/".
2. why would you use MCP for this? You are trying to catch a bit more spam 
than you normally could with the rules you currently have. So, what you do 
is add extra rules to the ones coming with the distribution. Either from 
sites like or by dropping your own rules in 
/etc/mail/spammassassin.  Not MCP!

I suggest looking at the SA documentation and not just going by the 
MailScanner documentation. The MailScanner documentation will, of course, 
not cover every aspect of the helper applications like SA or Razor or 
whatever ... There's also a good mailing list. *Everyone* using MS and SA 
and being on the MailScanner list should also join the SA list!


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