ClamAV: Zip module failure

R. Ehle (MailScanner Mailinglist) mailscanner at
Thu Aug 9 05:50:06 IST 2007


just as a hint:

ClamAV sometimes seems to have a problem with scanning PDF type documents. I found several entries in my maillog like the following:

Aug  8 12:53:24 s15221293 MailScanner[20045]: ERROR:: Zip module failure ERROR :: ./l78AoC4k017231/PRESSETEXTE PI_XOUNTS-AG.PDF

The messages had been delivered, as far as I found out and the problem already existed in ClamAV version 0.90.

@Julian: Does MailScanner ignore these errors? If not, is it possible to have a setting like  Allowed Clam Error Messages?


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