Help with sa-update, SARE and RDJ ---Please

René Berber r.berber at
Tue Aug 7 04:02:41 IST 2007

Johnny Stork wrote:

> 1: /etc/cron.daily has "sa-update", "rules_du_jour" and
> "update_spamassassin".  Are all these necessary?

No.  The 1st and the 3rd do the same thing, the 1st could do the work of the 2nd.

> 2: Can the sa-update rules and RDJ rules download all be combined into a
> single script/tool?

Yes, sa-update can replace RDJ.

> 3: Does it look like all my rules are currently being used and update?

If you use sa-update and RDJ all the rules will be used.

If sa-update is configured to get SARE rules, and you also use RDJ, both sets of
rules will be used, the redundancy (of 2 copies of the same rule) will be
handled by SA, the last one read wins... but you waste time reading it twice.

I say redundancy because the RDJ script stores the files in one place, sa-update
in a different place.

> 4: Does anyone have a suggested rules set, or channels file that can be
> used to manage and update all SA rules in a clear and simple location/file?

The recommended guide is:

> 5: Any other suggestions for a simple to manage, and clean setup of SA
> and SARE rules and automatic update?

sa-update has (currently) an advantage, it uses distributed/mirrored sites, RDJ
doesn't, the first one lets you check often (which is unnecessary), no
blacklisting.  Both methods work fine.

I use the RDJ script from Fortress and never did have a problem with RDJ.
René Berber

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