AW: DSN and 4.62.9 problem

René Berber r.berber at
Tue Aug 7 01:41:32 IST 2007

R. Ehle wrote:

> I experienced problems with the watermarking function too.
> As far as I found out, the errors only appear, when the DSN is sent from a
> Microsoft Exchange Server. Actually the Exchange Server sends a complete new
> message, which does not contain the header from the original message. So I
> don't think, that there will be a possibility to solve this issue.

No, I don't agree, I'm seeing the problem with only sendmail involved as server,
Outlook as client.  It's our own read receipts that are being marked as spam, as
well as our (business) clients, some of which do have Exchange.

FWIW I've never seen the need for milter-null or similar, greylisting + Botnet
takes care of that problem.
René Berber

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