OT: stopping spam with "421 Message rejected"?

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Aug 3 22:31:43 IST 2007

Jan Agermose spake the following on 8/3/2007 8:53 AM:
> Hi
> I've noticed that a lot of mails on some of our mailservers are queued
> and resend/retried A LOT because of 
> 1. its prob. spam
> 2. the reciver is "rejecting" the mails with a 421 message
> and that's just a temp. error, correct? Looks like it as the mails are
> set in the retry queue on our mailserver. Im sure this is some sysadmin'
> clever "strike back" idea, but to me it seams like its hitting the
> middle man :-| 
> its not that we are a openrelay, simply that some customers are hosting
> domains on our servers, where they have setup forwarding rules to other
> mailboxes. And yes, have not enabled a spamfilter on our end :-)
> But am I misunderstanding what is going on here or is it OK to reject
> spam mails using a temp. error message - are there any rules on that? 
The rule is if it is leaving your network, you are partially responsible. Add
a spam filter before you end up on a blacklist.
Just my personal warning.


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