MailScanner --lint error--SOLVED

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Aug 3 21:50:24 IST 2007

Julian Field spake the following on 8/3/2007 3:25 AM:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> Scott Silva spake the following on 8/2/2007 2:08 PM:
>>> I am getting the following error on my boxes;
>>> ERROR: The "envelope_sender_header" in your spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>>> ERROR: is not correct, it should match X-BlaBla-MailScanner-From
>>> But I have the exact text it is looking for in spam.assassin.prefs.conf
>>> Obviously BlaBla is not the organization name.
>>> I tried with an = between envelope_sender_header and the header text and
>>> without the =.
>>> I only changed it because it recommended I have %orgname% in the
>>> envelope from
>>> and to headers.
>>> So it is nagging me to change it, and then complains when I do. Did I
>>> suddenly
>>> get married this thing?
>> I found the problem -- there can be only 1 space between
>> envelope_sender_header and the header text. I had 2 spaces and the
>> parser must
>> think the extra space is part of the header text.
> I just tried adding some extra spaces in my envelope_sender_header line
> and it correctly ignored them. Wonder why it didn't work for you, the
> regex uses a \s+ to match the required space in the line.
> Jules
That is why you are the programmer, and I am the lowly consumer.
I will try adding a space back and linting again.

Putting back spaces and it still lints correctly. Must have been some other
problem in the file that was corrected when I removed the spaces between and
put one back. Or maybe it was because I had my original line before it but
commented out and the parser didn't skip the commented line but read it instead.


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