The new watermarking feature in 4.62 - an unexpected side effect?

Ed Bruce theodrake at
Fri Aug 3 15:15:47 IST 2007

Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> Quentin
> I do hope OoO responders die, they are a PITA. A lot of people here have started to used them again (now I've made it easy to do - d'oh) and it caused at least 1 email storm from a bad list.
> Personally I haven't used them for years - hmm lets see one of the senior IT guys is out, let attack the network...

I believe OoO replies are bad business practice. To me if you are that
important you should have an assistant or co-worker that you forward all
emails too while you are away. Also if you are stupid enough to have
personal emails that nobody should ever read being sent to you at your
place of work...

Of course your "Confidentiality" notice is a PITA also :)

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