Using ClamAV to find spam

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Aug 3 00:30:27 IST 2007

Andy Wright spake the following on 8/2/2007 4:09 PM:
> Brent Addis wrote:
>> Try the clamav spamassassin plugin. If your spam scores high enough it
>> shouldn't be virus scanned and won't scew your stats.
>> has an example about halfway through the comments at the bottom.
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>> Subject: Using ClamAV to find spam
>> Hi list,
>> I've enabled the "ClamAV Full Message Scan" option and installed the
>> sanesecurity sigs. Clam is nicely finding loads (and loads... and
>> loads...!) of spam, but of course is causing all these messages to be
>> tagged as Virused. This is  making my MailWatch screen a sea of red and
>> skewing the stats such that I appear to be receiving loads of viruses
>> instead of spam.
>> Is it possible to get MailScanner to look at the report from ClamAV and
>> determine if the message is really spam rather than virused ?
>> Cheers,
>> Andy.
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> Hi Brent,
> thanks for the suggestion, although I'm reluctant to add yet more
> plugins - most of the spams are already being scored at 20+  (how high
> does this have to get before virus scanning is skipped?)
> I guess what I'm after is a way for MailScanner to handle things
> differently if the return from ClamAV is "Email.*, Html.*" etc  Now that
> Clam seems to be more than just a *virus* finder might it make sense for
> MailScanner to look more closely at the returned result ?  Maybe an
> excuse for Julian to up the options well beyond the 300 mark ?!
> Andy.
AFAIK all their signatures give sanesecurity in their responses. Maybe an
option to look for this and just give spam scores.
For me, I don't really care right now what stops them, as long as it doesn't
go to the users. Maybe later if I start reporting ratios to someone, I might.


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