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Thu Aug 2 19:13:33 IST 2007

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I'm wondering if this "side effect" works if you only use McAfee - or
does it only work if you happen to also use ClamAV?  If the latter, I
would like to request it be made to work for McAfee as well.  I enabled
this setting this morning, but have not yet seen any McAfee logs
referring to .message files.


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On 31/07/07, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
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> I have just released a new version of MailScanner, 4.62.9. I don't
> - --- New "ClamAV Full Message Scan" setting, and improvements to the
> ClamAV parser so that the SANESecurity phishing- and spam-detection
> signatures can be reliably used. Note this new setting is disabled by
> default, as it has a slight speed impact.

Enabling this setting isn't only beneficial for ClamAV, but also for
McAfee ... Note the McAfee line in this report snippet:
   Subject: You've received a postcard from a Friend!
 MessageID: D6DC4E452.39523
Quarantine: /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20070801/D6DC4E452.39523
    Report: ClamAV Module:  message was infected: Email.Phishing.RB-1221
            McAfee: /D6DC4E452.39523.message        Found the
W32/Zhelatin.gen!eml virus !!!
As you can see, it isn't just ClamAV phishing signatures triggering on
the "complete message" file... Pretty cool side effect:-).

Perhaps makes the name ... less than intuitive:-):-). But since I'll
want this and always use ClamAV, it's OK by me... Otherwise it'd have
to be "Antivirus Full Message Scan" or something similar:-).

-- Glenn
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