init script on openSuSE problem

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Aug 2 18:49:45 IST 2007

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Kevin Miller wrote on Thu, 2 Aug 2007 09:07:53 -0800:
>> It's been a while, but I think he needs to go to /etc/sysconfig/mail
>> (or thereabouts) and set sendmail to listen to remote connections. 
>> By default it's set to only listen to localhost...
> Yes, but: as I already said it *does* listen on all interfaces
> ( means all IPv4 interfaces), so this is not the problem! He
> cannot even connect on loopback, so it's basically dead.

Ah, so you did.  That's what I get for skimming the messages instead of
reading.  <g>

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