init script on openSuSE problem

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Thu Aug 2 15:31:29 IST 2007

Andrey V. Dudarev wrote on Thu, 02 Aug 2007 16:29:22 +0400:

> > Do your sendmail listen on the loopback interface/address? 
> yes

Well, have you ever tried to start sendmail alone without MailScanner (so, 
with the sendmail init script)? I bet that you get the same problem. It's 
not correctly configured or there is a firewall blocking the connect.

> tcp        0      0    *
> LISTEN      3418/sendmail: acce

It's listening on all interfaces, not just loopback. Have you verified 
that you cannot connect to other interfaces either? (Just to be sure it's 
not an obscure problem affecting only loopback.)
SuSE usually comes preconfigured so sendmail listens only on loopback, but 
this doesn't seem to be your problem here. So, as said above, it's either 
a firewall or a sendmail misconfiguration. To troubleshoot this set the 
Log Level in sendmail to 14 and start it by it's own and check the mail 


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