CRM114 How are you finding it ?

Ed Bruce theodrake at
Thu Aug 2 13:29:22 IST 2007

Scott Silva wrote:
> Ed Bruce spake the following on 8/1/2007 2:06 PM:
>> Desai, Jason wrote:
>>>> Too soon to tell, really.
>>>> Only been running it for 21 hours so far.
>>>> It's pushed some emails into the high-scoring range, but 
>>>> scored negative
>>>> points on some obvious spam (but not enough to make it end up 
>>>> in users'
>>>> inboxes).
>>>> So far so good.
>>> Same here.  I'm running it with
>>> crm114_dynscore_factor -0.01
>>> I'll probably let it run like this for a week or so, and then see how
>>> it's doing before changing the factor.
>>> Possibly useful to some - I'm using this to analyze the scores (watch
>>> the line wraps):
>>> grep CRM114_CHECK  /var/log/mail.log | sed -re "s/.*: Message
>>> ([A-Za-z0-9-]+) .*\bscore=([0-9.-]+), .*\bCRM114_CHECK
>>> ([0-9.-]+).*/Id:\1\tSA Score:\2\t\tCRM114 Score:\3 /"
>>> This will go through your mail log and print output for messages scored
>>> with CRM114 in the format:
>> For future reference with what MTA does this work? It does not work with
>>  Postfix.
> Did you fix the initial path to your maillog, as mail.log might not be correct
> for you.

lol. Yes I did but then I ran it on the wrong server. Amazing how things
work when you use it on the machine where crm114 is installed.

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