CRM114 False Negatives

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 > What version of CRM are you running Rick.  I haven't seen 
 > this behaviour (yet).


I thought if I sat back and waited a while someone else might run into this
and figure it out. One thing I hate about crm is it's really poor
documentation. You pretty much have to look through the .crm files to find
out what they can really do.


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 > Ok, I have been pretty quiet amidst the whole CRM114 thread because I
 > installed this a couple weeks ago and turned it off because of false
 > negative issues. I turned it back on a tried again but here 
 > is the issue I
 > have. If CRM learns a message as ham nothing I have done 
 > will cause it to
 > unlearn the message as ham and relearn as spam. I have tried all the
 > recommended ways of using mailreaver, etc and I have even 
 > seen (in verbose
 > mode) mailreaver say it learned as spam but if I rerun the 
 > same message I
 > still have CRM reporting as good (with scores as high as 
 > +40!). Does anyone
 > have a definite method of re-learning ham as spam? (yes I have used
 > spamassassin --report also)
 > Rick Cooper

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