Random messages stuck in mqueue

Corey McFadden cmcfadden01 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 23:11:37 IST 2007


Sorry for the confusion.  When I said "hadn't been processed" I meant
"hadn't been processed by sendmail".  Everything in mqueue.in is being
properly handled by MailScanner.

mailq shows the contents of /var/spool/mqueue

Anyhow, I'm monitoring the effects of a change to the DNS resolver to see if
it has an effect and will reply to this thread with an update.

Thanks again,

On 8/1/07, Matt Hampton <matt at coders.co.uk> wrote:
> Corey McFadden wrote:
> > Matt,
> >
> > mailq will display the messages in the mqueue folder.  (All the
> > messages, including those that haven't been processed.)
> >
> Yes but inbound messages are in mqueue.in which is not the standard
> location.
> So you only see the messages waiting for delivery
> matt
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