Subject Text Not Getting Modified?

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Wed Aug 1 20:20:26 IST 2007

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Have you run "upgrade_MailScanner_conf" and "upgrade_languages_conf" and 
"MailScanner --lint" ?

Johnny Stork wrote:
> Sorry for my ignorance, I had setup MS over a year ago and after 
> spending some time setting it up to where I "beleive" I had everything 
> workin, I have not really touched it since. So after getting CRM114 
> installed I went and upgraded to the newest version.
> So I went and ran the install-Clam-0.91.1-SA-3.2.2.tar.gz to also 
> update clam and SA. They were not that far behind. When this upgrade 
> finished, since I had been running rulesdujour, when it finished the 
> script indicated I needed to install rulesdujour. But I also just 
> heard that RDJ is not longer working/supported and I should use 
> sa_update so this was my first bit of confusion.
> So I downloaded the latest rulesdujour and ran the installer but it 
> bailed claiming lint errors. I managed to find these as outdated cf 
> files (rules) and so was able to finish the RDJ install. I also 
> noticed that all the cf files in /etc/mail/spamassasin got moved to 
> /etc/mail/spamassasin/old_cf_files?
> I then ran the mailscanner install to upgrade to4.62.9.
> At this point I am not certain I have everything configured and 
> working properly and dont know where to begin cleaning things up. I 
> would not expect anyone to help with this cause it is certainly my 
> mess. It is running, and seems to be working but I am not certain I 
> have things like RDJ and/or sa_update working correctly or which rules 
> are valid. If you would be willing/interested in taking a look I would 
> be greatful. You have already been a great help so I would not expect 
> any more.
> I do see many new items/rules etc and a couple of strange errors in 
> the lint test though. Below is the lint:
> UxBoD wrote:
>> What rules do you have setup ?
>> Regards,
>> --[ UxBoD ]--
>> // PGP Key: "curl -s | gpg --import"
>> // Fingerprint: C759 8F52 1D17 B3C5 5854  36BD 1FB1 B02F 5DB5 687B
>> // Keyserver: Key-ID: 0x5DB5687B
>> // Phone: +44 845 869 2749 SIP Phone: uxbod at
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