Subject Text Not Getting Modified?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Aug 1 17:54:56 IST 2007

Johnny Stork spake the following on 7/31/2007 6:57 PM:
> I have noticed that none of the detected spam, including high scoring
> spam which gets quarantined, are  getting the subject lines modified? I
> have almost all the Modify Subject settings enable in mailscanner.conf,
> but nothing seems to be getting re-written. For instance, below is the
> phishing section of mailscanner.conf, followed by an incoming message.
> When I checked the message in mailwatch, the subject is the same/unchanged?
> Any ideas?
It won't show up in Mailwatch. It only shows up at the mail client. Send
yourself some low spam like all blue and CAPS from a yahoo mail address. That
usually will score enough to hit low spam.


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