Help with large message / blacklists bypassed

am.lists am.lists at
Wed Aug 1 16:18:10 IST 2007


That's an interesting approach.... but I haven't upgraded to 4.62 yet.

I did add this rule to a "" file:

body    EEM_FREDMEIJER          /It had a heavy infestation of horsetail weed/
score   EEM_FREDMEIJER          24.0
describe        EEM_FREDMEIJER  Special Rule to filter a mail from
Fred Meijer that is going crazy in the system.

(EEM_ is the prefix I use for all of my own homebrew rules)

But as others have pointed out, I have to up my scan size threshold to
use SA to score/scan this message.

I do use policyd, and I have him blocked in there now. It's effective.
The sending mailer is Exchange, and is in farm of sorts, because I'm
seeing the same message but so far three unique MTAs sending it.

Strange as hell.

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