Help with large message / blacklists bypassed

Alex Broens ms-list at
Wed Aug 1 14:46:06 IST 2007

On 8/1/2007 3:21 PM, am.lists wrote:
> OK. I admit that I may be in panic mode and not thinking this thorugh
> as completley as I would otherwise.
> Standard support disclosure; Linux + Postfix 2.2.2+ MailScanner 4.58.9
> (<-- I know, slacker), ClamAV (0.90.3).
> One of my users is the recipient on an email message that is
> apparently stuck in the sending MTA's outbound queue. For whatever
> reason, their MTA has shipped me over 3000 copies of the identical
> piece of mail.

I'd block the sender with a Postfix header rule.


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