CRM114 installation on Debian Etch

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at
Wed Aug 1 13:54:16 IST 2007

>> I stole the installation procedure from CentOS and adapted it to work
>> with Debian Etch. IMHO apt-get is a nice package management system
>> but Debian often suffers from old packages residing in the
>> repository, so I decided to build a new package for crm114 from
>> Debian source. 
>> The procedure is largely the same as for CentOS; differences are the
>> creation of the package and the location of some files. If anyone is
>> interested I can post it. 
>> Grts,
>> Rob
> Please put it in the wiki at
> am:spamassassin:plugins:crm114 (watch out for linewraps!)... TiA

It's there.


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