init script on SuSE Linux

Sattler, Tim tim.sattler at
Wed Aug 1 07:53:20 IST 2007

I am running MailScanner 4.62.9 on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. When I 
use the init script from the SuSE tarball, I get an incorrect result 
for a running MailScanner from "rcMailscanner status". I guess it might 
fail because /proc/<pid of MailScanner>/cmdline does not contain the 
full path to MailScanner, but only the basename. 
Therefore, I made a minor change to the init script changing line

checkproc -p $mspid /usr/sbin/MailScanner


checkproc -p $mspid MailScanner 

This seems to give the correct results. 
Best regards

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