Slightly OT: How do you deal with domains you forward to who consider you a spammer based in user reports?

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Mon Apr 30 22:26:28 IST 2007

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Thanks for the response, Ken.

> It doesn't cost anything to get an aol feedback loop for your 
> ip space.

<nod> Yup, did that.

> When I came in this morning I had about 10 aol 'TOS 
> notifications' from the weekend. Half of those were 
> legitimate mailings from domains we host with one click 
> opt-out links at the bottom, so I can quickly opt those 
> lusers out! ...

Yup, on the very few messages that originate from inside or in mailing
lists we control I've just opted the users out when I could tell what
addresses the messages were sent to.  Unfortunately most are just real
spam from outside sent to an individual's forwarding address.  We have a
bunch of outside sales reps who have company domain addresses that
simply forward to whatever address they actually use.  They're mostly
set up for inclusion in business cards and letterhead.  I'm trying to
get that type of set-up banned so that the norm is to force those
outside users to pick up their mail from us instead of getting it
forwarded, but not having much luck so far.

> spam' on. If this is a repeat behavior by a certain customer, 
> we send them a friendly note asking them not to do that on 
> their domain mail ...

We're starting down that road too -- hopefully that will help.  The
especially disheartening ones though are the actual purchasing customers
who are reporting simple confirmation emails ("Your order has shipped.
You ordered four yearbooks, four gowns, ...  Here's your tracking
number.") as spam instead of just hitting the delete button -- they're
not even likely to ever receive another such message from us for at
least a year. :-(

Thanks for the response -- if nothing else talking to peers helps firm
up my persuasiveness with management.


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