ANNOUNCE: MailScanner stable 4.59

Juan Pablo Salazar Bertín snifer_ at
Mon Apr 30 15:23:48 IST 2007

Julian Field <MailScanner <at>> writes:

> I have just released a new stable version, 4.59. The main new features 
> this month are
> support for the clamd virus scanner, with the result that you can have 
> fast virus scanning without relying on the 3rd party Mail::ClamAV perl 
> module.
> support for the Avast virus scanner, in both forms (command-line 
> scanner and daemon).
> Download it as usual from
> Jules

Hi Julian, thanks for releasing a new version with new features. However, the
problem I stated in a previous post
( is still present
in 4.59.4-2.

I've uploaded a patch file for you to review it. You can get it at
Please let me know what do you think. Regards.

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