joe-jobbed, block 'undeliverable' messages?

Chris Yuzik itdept at
Sun Apr 29 05:51:37 IST 2007

Chris Yuzik wrote:
> Dhawal Doshy wrote:
>> For sendmail:
>> Julian suggested 'milter-null' a few days back to someone with a 
>> similar problem..
> I'll look in to milter-null. Thanks.
I now have milter-null installed, configured, and running. All I can say 
is, great piece of code.

A few stats. As of 8am this morning, this poor domain had already 
received 499 bounce messages for mail that didn't actually originate 
from our server. A few minutes later, I flipped the switch on 
milter-null's configuration file to tell it to reject these invalid DSN 
messages and "poof". Not a single one since then! This thing works 
great! Highly recommended for anyone who hosts domains that get 
"joe-jobbed." Thanks Dhawal and Julian for the recommendation.


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