Password Protected .rar files

Drew Marshall drew at
Sat Apr 28 10:24:33 IST 2007

Hi all

One of my clients has recently been sent a password protected rar  
file. The body of the mail is a gif image which uses social  
engineering (Based on the user having a virus and the attached file  
has the miracle cure) to open this file.

This went sailing through MailScanner, passed F-Prot, Clam &  
Bitdefender and passed the option to not allow password protected  
archive files. I have checked my path to unrar, which is fine and all  
the other parameters are all ok too.

First question: Any one else seen these?

Second: Are they being stopped by anything (Messagelabs detected this  
as a virus, hence my concern)?

Finally: Shouldn't MailScanner have stopped this or is it only  
password protected zip files that it stops (And in turn shouldn't  
this be extended to cover all unscannable files?)

I have blocked all rar files now in the file type rules until I can  
get to the bottom of this. I have also sent a copy to the nice folks  
at ClamAV for good measure.



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