Corrupt SpamAssassin Cache

Mike Tremaine mgt at
Fri Apr 27 19:28:35 IST 2007

> Just FYI, I had corrupt SpamAssassin.db.cache file that made the entire 
> MailScanner stack slow down to a crawl. The only warning that this was 
> going on was the occasional
>  database is locked(5) at dbdimp.c line 398
> Once I figure out what was going on and removed the bad cache and 
> restarted the stack and everything was good.
> -Mike
> Mike,
> Where did this error message show up? Maillog, Messages, ??
> Thanks
> Steve

It was in the maillog looks like

Apr 26 18:52:16 general MailScanner[17284]: database is locked(5) at 
dbdimp.c line 398

I had 127 of this yesterday before I fixed it. The command


Also showed there was a problem. [It froze for a little bit then spit 
out a couple errors and then completed. I forgot to save the output, sorry.]


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