joe-jobbed, block 'undeliverable' messages?

Chris Yuzik itdept at
Thu Apr 26 18:31:25 IST 2007

am.lists wrote:
> Typically, these joe-jobs are from non-existing email addresses (e.g.
> asdfasdf at victimdomain.tld). When the non-delivery report is
> returned, it's attempted to be sent to that address, which doesn't
> exist. If you were using Postfix, you could use
> reject_unverified_recipient in the smtpd_recipient_restrictions
> section of
> This way, you'd flat out reject any message to asdfasdf at the MTA,
> keeping your MailScanner from never even seeing it.
> If you this might work for you (e.g. you are using Postfix) I can give
> you more info about my particular setup (there's a little more to it
> than that one line).

Thanks for the response, but unfortunately, this one was people's real 
email addresses (several of them) that were joe-jobbed. The web designer 
thought it would be a "good idea" to have a company directory and post 
everyone's email addresses for this domain on the company's website and 
did so in plain text using the <a 
href="mailto:dave at">dave at</a> format, 
without even attempting to obfuscate the links. He's been appropriately 
whipped by management.

Thanks though.


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