Slow batch processing

Rob Morin rob at
Thu Apr 26 16:46:18 IST 2007

I run the default set up when i installed MS, It runs on a AND 3500 with 
1 gig of ram  we process about 10,000 emails a day....

I did have a problem with RBL for SBL+XBL, getting 7 0f 10 tries i can 
not get to that site for some reason, so now i just have this one in 
it....  NJABL

However its still kind of slow... i did not have this issue in the 
past.... it always ran just fine as MS normally does!  :)

Thanks for replying so quickly..

Rob Morin
Dido InterNet Inc.
Montreal, Canada

Edward Prendergast wrote:
> How many MailScanner processes are you running? What hardware are you on?
> How many messages do you process a day on average?
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> Hello all,  it seems MS takes about 488 seconds to process a batch of 30 
> messages, do not know why its taking long now... i removed one of the 
> RBLs to speed it up
> i have a backup of emails now... any idea.....???
> I am running the latest MS
> Thanks....

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