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Paul Houselander housey at
Thu Apr 26 12:43:51 IST 2007


Im just trying to spec out a web interface im going to put together to allow
editing/amending of various MailScanner preferences.

At the moment ive got a basic PHP setup that writes info to a Mysql DB. At 5
minute intervals a perl script connects to the DB checks for any changes and
rewrites the ruleset files.

So for example in MailScanner.conf I have

Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.scanning.rules

I have a Mysql table with columns


With values like -  FromOrTo --- --- yes

My perl script just loops round all the values and writes the flat file
"virus.scanning.rules" - changes take affect based on the MailScanner.conf
"Restart Every" directive.

This kind of worked ok with 1 MailScanner server but ive now introduced
another for load balancing/resilience and wanted to put together a more
sophisticated system.

I was intending writing custom functions for all my rulesets by following
the examples in /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/CustomFunctions/ and also
the and done for the mailwatch

I would consider myself very much an amatuer programmer and was looking for
opinions and advice on the following:-

- Would there be much performance impact on using Custom Functions that read
from a (potentially remote) database, rather than a flat file on the system?
I can see myself writing custom functions for quite a number of the
MailScanner.conf directives
- Any problems using LDAP instead of Mysql?

The reason im thinking of LDAP was im looking to move all my sendmail
routing info to LDAP and would be nice to just maintain 1 system?

Any advice appreciated.

Kind Regards


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