Fast Dual Core or slower Quad Core..?

Paul Kelly :: Blacknight Solutions paul at
Thu Apr 26 11:54:51 IST 2007

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> As subject, I'm speccing up a box and am now looking at the DL360 G5
> range.
> Given the box should only be running OpenSuse/Postfix/MailScanner with
> ClamAV and SpamAssassin would people suggest a faster dual core CPU i.e.
> 2.3Ghz or a slower Quad Core CPU i.e. 1.6Ghz?
> I'm not familiar enough with how linux and the applications mentioned
> interact to know which would be of the most use and why.

FYI, we've a dual xeon 3Ghz doing on average 150k messages a day without
 issue. It has 4GB of ram and has software raid.

1 dual core CPU or 1 quad core CPU no matter what the speed, should be
enough for what you want.


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> Paul
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