Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Apr 25 20:35:02 IST 2007

Nicolas Canepa spake the following on 4/25/2007 10:03 AM:
> I need to whitelist some mails from on determined address to other email
> address. playing a bit with scan.messages.rules, I,ve seen that if I put
> this
> From:    email1 at   no
> Does not scan at all messages coming from email1 at
> But, if a put two rules, like this:
> From:        email1 at     no
> To:           email2 at   no
> does not check mail coming from email1 at, and does not check
> mail going to email2 at But if a mail matches the two rules,
> that mail is checked by mailscanner.
> Is this the suppossed behavior?
> Thanks,
Your system seems to think the rule looks like this;
From:   email1 at  and To: email2 at   no

I don't think that is the behavior intended. Do you have a
"FromorTo: default yes" rule in there? Not sure if it is necessary, but maybe
the parser is getting loaded, and without a default action is firing on the
last seen variables.


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