Upgrade to clamav 0.90.2 makes scanning extremely slow

Kapetanakis Giannis bilias at edu.physics.uoc.gr
Tue Apr 24 11:43:46 IST 2007

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, Martin wrote:

> Arto wrote:
> > We had this too. Uninstalling clamav* and installing it again 
> helped.
>> -arto
> Thanks for all replies. Read about this issue on the clamav-list and 
> hopefully it will be fixed in the next version.

I have similar problems with clamav myself.

What I did that improved a little bit
was deleting the virus database in /var/lib/clamav/*
and running freshclam again.

Still is very slow. If you try clamscan -debug you will
find out why it is so damn slow....

Clamd works fast on the other hand.
Maybe it should be included officialy (clamdscan)
in MailScanner's the next version.


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