Deleting detected spam for some addresses only

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Tue Apr 24 10:11:40 IST 2007

What I would like to do is have high scoring spam automatically deleted
for some addresses but still delivered for the remaining users. 

Currently mailscanner configuration contains :-

High Scoring Spam Actions = deliver attachment header "X-Spam-Flag: YES"

If I change this to :-
High Scoring Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/high.scoring.spam.rules
and then create the high.scoring.spam.rules file containing :-

To:             an.address at       delete
To:             another.address at  delete
FromOrTo:       default                     deliver attachment header
"X-Spam-Flag: YES"

Would that work?
Is there any problems associates with having a quotes string on the
right hand side for example?

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