phishing not being detected

Juan Pablo Salazar Bertín snifer_ at
Mon Apr 23 15:53:03 IST 2007

Dave Shariff Yadallee - System Administrator a.k.a. The Root of the	Problem
<root <at>> writes:

> On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 01:36:31PM +0000, Juan Pablo Salazar Bertín wrote:
> > Hi, i've found a message not being detected as phishing by MailScanner. I
> > uploaded it to
> > 
> > I sent it to ClamAV and it's now beeing detected as Email.Phishing.RB-653, 
but I
> > think there's something MailScanner is not catching and should be fixed.
> >
> Are you using Clamav and/or clamavmodule?
> > Thanks.
> > 

I'm using clamavmodule. My ClamAV database:

main.cvd is up to date (version: 43, sigs: 104500, f-level: 14, builder: sven) is up to date (version: 3150, sigs: 6694, f-level: 15, builder: 

The phishing is supposed to be detected by ClamAV daily update 3140 as
Email.Phishing.RB-653 (ref:, but it's not
being detected by ClamAV through MailScanner nor by MailScanner's own phishing
protection nor by manually using ClamAV.

I'll try to contact ClamAV, but i'm posting this here so maybe someone can
figure out why it's not being detected by MailScanner phishing protection, so
next version gets better.

Juan Pablo Salazar B.

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